Your most memorable moments are always created with good vibes and good people.

-Benisha Jones

I'm in the city all weekend long with my panel. God keeps placing Detroit on my heart, and so here is the first step. And it was best to take it in the summer! Live in the city and want that experience? Get your ticket ASAP!

Sometimes we need a little help changing the routines of our daily schedule when you decide to live in peace. No need to flip out anymore. I got you!

Order your Peace Package to begin your journey towards aa deeper connection to God, clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, cleansing your home from negative energy, self-love, living your life in purpose and being sincerely happy. No two packages are the same. Schedule a FREE consultation today. 

What a GOOOD time we had in Houston. The experience cannot be put into perfect words. But just watch the video. It is only a few captured moments of what really all happens.

Purpose. Passion. Pursuit.

Retreat 2017

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